for edible oil pressing. It is used as a preliminary oil press also called as a forpress in the double pressing line



  • raw material processing temperature – 60 ºC
  • high wear resistance of parts to 5000 tons 
  • non-stop operation
  • easy to maintain 


rapeseed, sunflower

Parameter  Value
Capacity, kg/day:  500
Power, kW:  22
Length, mm:  2430
Width, mm:  760
Height, mm:  1800
Weight, kg:  1280

Raw material is fed into a hopper of the oil press RP-500.

At the bottom of the hopper there is a gate which is used to regulate the feed of raw material.

Screw shaft moves the raw materials from the feeding assembly to the extraction (pressing) assembly.

As the cavity screw diameter increases, the raw material volume is reduced.

This leads to seeds squeezing.

High pressure in the pressing assembly improves the process of seeds squeezing, warms the mass and leads to oil extraction.

Oil flows into the oil setting tank, which is formed by frame base elements of the oil press. Then the oil moves through the bottom pipe to a system for oil collecting.

Meal continues its way through the pressing assembly and outputs through adjusting nozzle. It is crushed with knives and removed from the oil press into meal transportation system.