OIL PRESSES. What kind of equipment category is it?

The oil presses are screw-type machines usedfor mechanical extraction or pressing the vegetable oil from oilseed crops.

What are the oil presses used for?

The purpose of the oil press is:

  • to get the vegetable oil from sunflower seeds, soybeans, canola, flax;
  • to get the oil cake (meal) from sunflower, soybean, rapeseed with the residual oil not more than 8-10%.

The oil obtained from the oil press is purified (filtered) to remove the fine solid particles, it is refined (purified from other substances) and can be used as a livestock feed component or as a food product.

The oil cake (meal) discharged from the oil press is necessary to cool down; afterwards it can be used as an ingredient in livestock diets.

The oil presses have:

  • press cages that consist of cage bars;
  • press cage that consists of cage plates.

Technologically the oil press could be differentiated into:

  • forpress, which is the oil press for preliminary mechanical oil extraction;
  • expeller, which is the oil press for final mechanical oil extraction.

The oil presses (also known as screw oil presses) can be divided on:

  • operation temperature: cold oil press up to 60°C; hot oil press from 60°C;
  • screw rotation speed inside the press cage;
  • raw materials (fat content, abrasion, friction shear coefficient); press cage design: cage bars and cage plates, cones and knives.

We manufacture all types of oil presses for soybeans/soy, rapeseeds and sunflower seeds processing.

BRONTO oil presses have a high wear resistance of press cages – from 5,000 tons of processed raw materials. The oil presses, gears, bearing units, motors are designed to withstand the double and triple overload of the nominal capacity.

Our oil presses are designed taking into account ease of disassembly and assembly of mechanisms without any additional lifting of equipment. The oil presses meet CE standards. Hundreds of our oil presses provide the same production capacity, reliability and non-stop operation, as the thousands of our extruders all over the World.