PE-250 or flat die press is designed for:

biofuel pellets production


  • produce solid fuel with calorific value 4200-4800 kcal/kg
  • flat die provides great pressing force and capacity compared to any ring die
  • get the 100% ecological pellet, no glues, no adhesives or other chemicals
  • hard wood pelleting
  • design reliability

agricultural waste: sunflower, buckwheat and other crops husks;

wood waste: sawdust, wood chips etc.

Parameter Value
Capacity, kg/hour: 1000
Power, kW: 93
Moisture of raw material, %: 8-12
Raw material fraction: 1-4
Density of pellet, kg/m³ (depending on raw material): 700-1000

From hopper raw material is moved to preconditioner mixer. Raw material is intensively blended and moisturized with water and steam to 13-18 %. Water injection improves the process of pelleting.

Further it moves to the pressing cage. Scrapers deliver raw material to the working area of pellet mill. Pressing rollers press it in apertures of die.

Circular bars due to constant pressing move out from the opposite site of pellet mill. Knives form the length of pellets.

The already precisely cut pellets go to discharge cage, then to the outlet of pellet mill