• for bio fuel briquettes (Pini-kay type)


  • produce solid fuel with calorific value 4200-4900 kcal/kg
  • process any plant biomass crushed to 1-5 mm and dried up to 8%
  • get the 100% ecological briquette, no glues, no adhesives or other chemicals
  • utilize industrial wood and biomass wastes
  • create eco-friendly source of energy from renewable sources


wood waste: woodchips, wood shavings and sawdust of hardwood and softwood

agricultural waste: sunflower, buckwheat and rice husks, walnut shells, peanut shells, olive pits, straw, cane, miscanthus, bagasse etc.

Parameter Value
Capacity, kg/hour: 500

Cooling is highly important phase in briquetting technology. Briquette cooler BC-300 guarantees the right quality of briquette.

While pressing the briquette the temperature is extremely high. Cooling is the process when briquette became hard as it loses the moisture .

It’s not a secret that after pressing the briquette is so easy to break. It’s hot and the surface is soft. Now just imagine what can happen when briquette is cooled too fast. Right, it will be soft and sticky.

If the briquette is cooled too slow, it becomes dry. I can have some cracks and be easily damaged during transportation.

Remember that atmosphere humidity can affect the quality of the briquette as well.
If atmosphere humidity is too low, it may result in cracks on the surface of the briquette.
The opposite situation, when the atmosphere humidity is high, the structure is accompanied by a softening of the briquette.