Soy processing line also known as BRONTOil-1000 is designed for pressing vegetable oil and oil cake from soybeans

Husking, crushing, heat and pressure treatment of soybeans is done on BRONTO equipment. Trypsin inhibitor (urease level) is reduced. As a result you get a soy cake with 7-8% oil content.



  • get a high-quality vegetable oil
  • get a high-quality oil cake
  • decrease the level of anti-nutritional substances to the acceptable level in the product
  • increase the product cost in comparison with raw materials cost



soybeans, husked soy

Parameter  Value
Moisture of raw material, %: 8
Residual oil in cake, %: 6-8

Raw material is cleaned and dried to 8-10%.

Moisture of raw material is directly related to the output of vegetable oil.

Therefore, to achieve the lowest possible oil content in oil cake, dry the soybeans to 8%.

Prepared soybeans (with the proper moisture and impurity) are loaded into the operational hopper.

From the operational hopper raw material is fed into dehuller – mill where soybeans are divided into crushed kernel and seed coats (husks).

This stage is done to increase the protein in the final product. It is optional and it does not affect the operation of the extruder or the press.

Husks are output through the cyclone. Soybean kernels are fed into extruder.

The extruder processes kernels (or whole soybeans) with temperature 120-150 ° C and pressure up to 50 atmospheres.

The level of urease is decreased 0.1-0.2 pH and harmful microorganisms are neutralized.

Conveyer moves full fat soy from extruder into oil press.

Conveyer has a steam removal system which provides moisture reduction of full fat soy for approximately 2-3%.

It helps to improve oil extraction during the next operation.

From conveyer full fat soy moves to oil press. It goes through the pressing cage where mechanical oil extraction happens.

Under the pressure oil leaks through the gaps between bars and flows into the tray at the bottom of the press. From the tray oil should flow to a filtration and cleaning system and then to oil storage.

Soy cake heated to 95-105 ° C and oil content of 6-8% is discharged from the pressing cage.

The next stage is moving soy cake into the cooler.

Air goes through the hot oil cake and in 2-3 minutes the oil cake temperature is already of 10 ° C above ambient temperature. This stage is highly important to preserve the quality of the protein.

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