• for bulk products handling between processing equipment
  • for steam removing from extruded and oil expressed products


  • nozzles for steam removing
  • perforated upper cover
  • not secured to the floor


full fat soy, oil cake, grain, cereals, flour, sawdust, hulls and other bulk materials with a specific weight of 150-850 kg / m³

Parameter  Value
Capacity, kg/hour: 3
Angle of slope, degrees: 30
Power, kW: 1,1
Height of the product discharge, mm: 1600
Screw diameter, mm:  200
Width, mm: 1200
Length, mm: 3600
Height, mm:  2600

Raw material enters the inlet nozzle, further it is moved by the screw along the channel.

During its movement, the mass is heated and some steam is released.

This steam is removed through a pipe which is mounted on the top cover of the screw conveyor.

The process of steam removing reduces the moisture of raw material before entering into the oil press to 2-3%.

Reduction of moisture increases the yield of raw vegetable oil to 3-4%.