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helps to increase protein content  of soy feedstock prior to processing




Parameter  Value
Capacity, kg/hour: 4
Power, kW: 24
Moisture of raw material, %: 7-10
Hulls residue in the ready product,%: 1,5
Length, mm: 6000
Width, mm: 2400
Height, mm: 5500
Weight, kg: 4000

The dried to 8-9% soy is fed into twin roll mill.

Soybeans are compressed between the first pair of rolls. As a result shell bursts and kernel breaks up into several parts.

Soy mixture falls into the second pair of rollers. The milling process is repeated.

A high protein mixture of soy kernel and hull moves to the feeding system and air separator MA-4.

Soybean shells have a light specific weight that’s why air flow moves husks up and outputs them through the cyclone.

Soybean hulls have a great amount of fiber while kernels are rich protein.

Process of dehulling increases mass fraction of soy protein.