• for COLD oil pressing
  • for sunflower oil cake production


  • vegetable oil of premium class
  • equipment reliability
  • fault free operation of the oil line
  • wear parts resistance


sunflower seeds

Parameter  Value
Capacity, kg/hour: 20
Residual oil in cake, %: 10

Sunflower seeds are cleaned from impurities and dried to 8%.

Oil content is up to 52%. Temperature is 15 °C.

The raw material is fed into dehuller – mill where the seeds are divided into kernel and seed coats (husks).

The mixture is fed into air separator.

Air flow moves husks up and outputs through the cyclone.

At the same time air flow pushes seed kernels with some husks down into press SP-1000 for cold-pressed oil. The first oil extraction is performed at 60 ° C.

Shaft with screws conveys the seeds through the pressing cage and against the cage bars. Moving through the pressing cage raw material undergoes squeezing. The oilruns through the gaps and seeps out into the tray at the bottom of the press.

We got the seeds cake with oil content of 20-23%.

The second oil extraction is performed in the following way.

Oil cake is ground with crushing machine. Afterwards, it’s heated to 130 ° C. The hot cake is fed into press SP-1000-50 for hot-pressed oil. The temperature is up to 125 ° C. Oil content of the seeds cake is 10%.