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EXTRUSION LINES. What kind of equipment category is it?

This set of processing equipment had been manufactured taking into account:

  • characteristics of the feedstock – grain crops and legumes, oilseeds, animal waste, mineral and vitamin supplements;
  • raw material processing purposes – the production of feed for farm animals (pigs, cattle, sheep), poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys), fish feed, cat and dog food.

What are extrusion lines used for?

Extrusion lines are necessary to:

  • reduce the cost of feed use – due to a sharp increase of feed digestibility caused by extrusion (grain crops – wheat, corn, peas, barley, etc.)
  • reduce the anti-nutritional substances in animal feed components. For example, soybeans contain trypsin inhibitors (which slow the growth of young animals). Extrusion reduces the content of this substance and does not harm the rest of the product substances;
  • destroy harmful microorganisms. During the storage of components, some harmful bacteria and fungi could appear. Extrusion completely destroys them.
  • control  the bulk density in pet food and fish feed (sinking, slowly sinking and floating feed). Extruders allow controlling foaming factor (product volume increase or “explosion”) of the product (relative to the feed mixture);
  • plasticize the feed to give it the shape and control the feed water solubility. Exactly the extruder allows you to get the final product in the form of bones, stars, triangles, etc. In the production process the structure of proteins could be changed and you can control their solubility in water;
  • increase the hydration of products (their ability to absorb moisture). Extruding of soybean meals allows you to get the texturates with water binding capability 1 (texturate): 3,2 (water).

Extrusion lines are used for:

  • soy processing to get the oil cake and oil;
  • extruded feed for fish, cat and dog food;
  • textured soy products.

BRONTO best extrusion lines

We create the extrusion lines from reliable elements (extruders, presses, heat generators, mixers, machines for making fats, etc.) for the processing the unique combination of ingredients in the final products which strictly comply with standards and customer requirements.