The extruder is designed for production of:

  • textured soy protein



  • production of soy ground meat
  • production of soy meat
  • easy extruder design
  • steam is not used



soybean meal

  • oil content – 0,5-2%
  • protein –  45% (based on dry substance)
  • pdi  – 50 units
Parameter Value
Capacity, kg/hour: 250
Power, kW: 37
Length, mm: 2000
Width, mm: 1970
Height, mm: 1650
Weight, kg: 1000

Raw material is fed from a hopper into screw barrel. Feed is regulated by frequency converter. Inside the screw barrel the raw material is mixed, pressed and heated.
Under the influence of pressure and temperature structural changes occur in the meal.
Soybean meal is textured.
Textured soy protein (TSP) leaves the working body through the outlet die.
On the outlet die there is a cutter, which divides the product into measured pieces. As a result we get the so called soy meat.
The product can be additionally ground on a special mill; in this case we get a soy ground meat.
After grinding the TSP is supplied to the dryer and after that to the cooler.