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EXTRUDERS. What kind of equipment category is it?

This equipment has been designed to process:

  • various types of grain crops (wheat, corn, barley, etc.);
  • legume crops (peas, beans);
  • oilseeds (soybean, rapeseed, sunflower);
  • grain mixtures with animal waste components (bones, feathers, blood and any other by-products from meat processing plans);
  • soybean meal.

What are extruders used for?

The extrusion increases digestibility from 60 to 90% when it comes to grains and legumes. Extrusion helps to destroy harmful microorganisms as a result the store pigs and poultry can be fed with grain feeds on the earlier stages. The above mentioned increases the economic efficiency of the livestock business.

Processing oilseeds in extruders:

  • helps to reduce the content of anti-nutrients in soy and rapeseed;
  • raw material is heated prior the mechanical extraction of oil which is useful according to technology;
  • thefat cells openas a result fats are easily digested by domestic animals.

While extruding grain mixtures combined with components of animal waste:

  • we can control the content of microorganisms and their metabolic products as a result the feed is safe;
  • the product is plasticized.

Extrusion technologies could be divided into:

  • dry extrusion; the moisture of raw materials is up to 18%;
  • wet extrusion; the moisture of raw materials is 16 to 25%;
  • expanding; the moisture of raw materials is up to 25%, pressure 10 atm. 

Dry and wet extrusion

We produce extruders which operate trouble free and for many years, reliably provide the requirements for the finished products. Our extruders operate on five continents in 52 countries.

We are constantly improving the quality of our extruders. The machinesmeet EU standards (CE marking). Thousands of our extruders benefit millions of people.